Nici enjoyed it.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

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"Do you think we should go to the beach?" "Of course, the answer is yes."

You should make an effort to stop smoking.

Isn't "Sloppy Joe" someone's name?


My eyes are watering.

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Mario is just getting warmed up.

That's too much for my little brain.

The house is beautifully situated.

I appreciate your insights.

Ricky doesn't owe anybody anything.

My mother anticipates all my desires.

I was taken in by the salesman.

That's why I came to talk to you.

She made nothing of her opportunities.

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Many wedding ceremonies will take place on the seventh of July.

Let's decide on the date for the picnic.

I have lots of things I need to do today.


He's a brown noser.


Do you know the town where he lives?

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Put the meat on the scales.

What was the agreement?

You made this, didn't you?


They heard her.


You need to do that somewhere else.

I've lost my keys.

It snowed for days on end.

Food decays quickly in hot weather.

Watch your tongue.

I have nothing to worry about.

Would you slow down?

As Juri told me, Esperanto has two enemies, ignorance and prejudice.

Mozart: one of the great musical prodigies of all time.


They're finished.

When did you go to Kyoto with your sister?

Dirk is untidy, isn't he?

Arne is the only one here with a real job.

Do you want me to do anything?

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It is perfectly natural for him to be proud of her son.


Some salt comes from mines, some from water.


We need a towel.

See you in two days.

She did two washes today.

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You haven't answered my question yet.

It is a long time since I saw you last.

He is cross with his boss.

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What he can't manage at will is language.

Would you mind not smoking in this room?

Gossip that the diva had gotten married was spreading.

Kristen said that you'd help us.

You're very likely wrong about that.


You haven't washed your hands yet, have you?

Francis, is this yours?

Thank you for calling Grace.

Her parents both died.

He says one thing and means another.

Put the headphone on.

I didn't have those shoes.

Let's not ever do this again.

I'm incredibly tired.

Alexis seldom talks about himself.

Now my daughter fears me.

The policeman spoke to a man on the street.

He achieved his desired goal.


You really do hate me, don't you?


I told him that I get up at seven every morning.

This is hardly the place for dancing.

He is an excellent piano player. In addition, he is a good singer and a very good dancer.

I don't know if it's true or not.

I plan to write Judy a letter.

You shouldn't call him that.

Please come and see me whenever you like.

Even Christie was impressed.

Do any of your friends play guitar?

Lee got famous overnight.

Children are the hope of tomorrow.


That factory makes toys.

She is a pianist.

I know what's relevant.

I am complaining to the principal.

You should've quit when you were ahead.

In my 52nd year, I did not get my period for about a year.

He will have a picnic next Saturday.

He did the best he could.

Do you remember saying that?


The old man was loved by all.

This is our first date.

Somehow I can't picture Panzer living in Boston.

Individual atoms can combine with other atoms to form molecules.

Does Marika want to go back to Japan?

Just do what you're supposed to do.

He lives beyond his income.

Keep in mind that smoking is not good for your health.

It looks like most people give up before realizing their abilities.

They played guitar and accordion.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my father.

She must really like you.

He had an out-of-body experience.

I told Dick that was a good idea.

The seawater stings my cut.

What was it that you wanted me to tell Nikolai?

As the days passed, she loved the prince more fondly, and he loved her as he would love a little child, but it never came into his head to make her his wife.

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Could anything be more romantic?

I am immediately in awe of you!

He's fresh out of college.

She accepted the proposal to a certain degree.

I went to a concert last night.


That's what I really want.

I think we're pretty lucky.

Soldiers were regularly relieved and found relative safety in the dug-outs.


Yesterday, as I was walking along the street, I saw an accident.

He whistles as he walks to work.

In my opinion, he's right.

Let's skip out before Bradford gets back.

I'll get my car.

King kicked the stool out from under Miles.

Don't put the saddle on the wrong horse.

Batten doors are sadly falling out of fashion.

I want to talk to the press.

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Laurence no longer seems to care.

Winston was heartbroken when Erik passed away.

I have a tool.

There was something else.

Fuck, I can't sleep because those damn owls are screeching so loudly.

I know that you are in love with me.

Fluence is the time integral of flux.

Graham was supposed to be there yesterday.

She put up the new curtains today.

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They closed that school.


Lock your door.

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Is that fair to you?

Our project came off with flying colors.

The coffee break is an American institution.

Ken has suggested one possible solution.

Nora and I like the same kinds of things.

I will be very glad to be able to serve you.

Why should it be difficult?

But what if we get caught?

His name is known to everyone in our town.

I request.

He was a foreigner and was treated as such.

You are special.

I taught her everything she knows.

Tell her it's not your fault.

Emily is my favourite girl.


This house is quite small.

Can you make it before the deadline?

You don't hear me complaining, do you?

It fits on a single floppy disk.

Do you think you're photogenic?

I was very upset.

I wasn't expecting you to be here today.

Perhaps will he never become famous.

Administrator and moderators are working for the best language tool, Tatoeba Project.

Everything Pim does is controversial.

Frances can come with you if he wants to.

It was a nice break.

I'm still not sure what this is all about.


I am not feeling quite up to par.

Himawan is depressed because his girlfriend left him.

Swamy is on the board of directors.

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Hy slid the window open.


His car is a new model.

You'll love them.

I'll go to the park.

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The bronze armor was useless against the Saxons' relentless attack.

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PDA is not allowed at school.